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Yasmin Hernandez's First Web Project

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This is an example of how to create Web pages using the Dreamweaver interface. Today, Thursday, September 10, 2009, I will start to learn to use the different commands using the Dreamweaver interface.

First, I will create an ordered list to list the objectives I am learning this week. I will also learn to create a nested list, a list inside another list.

  1. Dreamweaver Interface.
    1. Panel groups.
    2. Menu bar.
    3. Insert bar.
    4. Properties Inspector panel group.
  2. File management.
    1. Organize, save and locate files using Windows XP.
    2. Create a root folder or root directory.
    3. Create sub-folder or sub-directory named images.
  3. Create a site definition in Dreamweaver.
    1. Create a site.
    2. Use Site > Manage Sites > New > Site.
    3. Set the information where the local files and root directory are located at.
    4. Set the information where the remote files and root directory are located at.
  4. Inserting text, images, and hyperlinks, in the Home Web Page.
    1. Save the Home page as index.html.
    2. Use the Properties panel group to modify text, insert images, and hyperlinks.
    3. Use Format to change or modify the text.
    4. Use Page Properties button to modify the page.
    5. Use an Ordered List Button.
    6. Use the Unordered List Button.
    7. Use Link text window.
    8. Use Text Indent or Text Outdent buttons.
    9. Use Text Color Button.
    10. Use Text menu command to create a "nested" list.
      1. Click Text Indent button > Text > List > Properties > Select type of list.
  5. Upload files and folders or directories into
  6. Download images into the images folder or sub-directory.
  7. Create other pages and link them to the home page.
  8. Create an e-mail link.
  9. Create a bulleted list.
  10. Insert a horizontal ruler.