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Welcome to my Digital Portfolio Project!

The digital portfolio is an organized way to store the web pages that I created during the fall semester. This portfolio will show the progress that I had during this semester. Also it will show all the things that I learned and how I apply them. I did not decide to take this course but with the time I learned that this course will be for my own benefit. Also I learn more about designing web pages and managing the computers. I think this course will introduce me to the new world that is coming of technology.  During the semester that I have been taking the Web Publishing Course my skills have been improving relating to the computers.

What I learned about this course?

In this Web Publishing Course I learned different things and different programs. The first thing that I learned was how to use notepad and its codes that were helpful to make a web page. Second, how to use and manage Macromedia Dreamweaver. Third, how to upload the files in Angelfire. Also during some pages I learned how to make a Cascading Style Sheet or CSS rules and attach it to all the web pages that I created instead of making one rule at the time. I learned how to manage inspiration, is a program in which I can put and organize my ideas.


During this semester there were six projects that were assigned and I created.

  • The first one was called Personal Web Page. In this one I learned how to use notepad and some codes.
  • The second one is called Mr. Lopez Chemistry Page. During this project I learned more codes and how to make external links.
  • The third one is called First Web Page. In this one Mr. Lopez taught us how to make a CSS rule and how to attach it to the pages.
  • The fourth one is called Café Townsend. In this one I learned how to make navigation bars.
  • The fifth one we made was a Sample Web Site. In this web page we used all of our knowledge to do it.   
  • In the Endangered Species Web Page, I learned how to make the page look nice and many information of the specie that I did.

First Web Page

Chemistry Web Page

CSS Web Page

Cafe Townsend Web Page

Sample Web Page

Endangered Species Web Page